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a sneak peek of QUIET STORM!!!! here’s one of my favorite tracks from it…

it’s coming out tomorrow!

when nathan and i were touring around the us after “animal feelings” came out, we listened to a lot of black metal demo tapes in the car… it was really inspiring, extreme, blown out, ridiculous but heartfelt… i made this album, fed by those inspirations and a wave of existential freakout, human mind explosion. in my fantasy, it’s like darkthrone meets the kinks meets lee perry…


remix album is out TODAY in a digital style!

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and you can get it here! after the album was finished up, i had rebel power and soul momentum (not to mention talented friends) and it steamrolled me into having this super-rad album of remixes and alternate versions!   it’s got fantastic jams from friends and me too!   i’m super proud of this and hope you enjoy!  oh, also – there’s a link to check out baths’ sweet n slow remix of fruit here as well…

1 rafter – fruit

2 lion cut – animal feelings

3 rafter – no fucking around

4 rafter – never gonna die

5 dominique leone – beauty beauty (heartsperumix)

6 epstein y el conjunto (feat matt crum) – timeless form, formless time

7 jamuel saxon – no fucking around (ninjas w/attitude mix)

8 taj easton – paper

9 rafter – feels good (feat addiquit)

10 rafter – only you

11 lesser – fruit

12 baths – fruit

p.s. come on out to the show this thursday 5/20 @ tin can alehouse in SD, and hear us work out our new LION CUT remix styled version of “animal feelings”!  plus 2 more new songs!  wa-hoooo.

grab ya photobooth pics!

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hey tin can buddies, you can see all the photos from Smile Now Cry Later’s Photo booth over at her blog now!


or check them out at her photography site’s blog (and check out her other awesome photos too!)


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these brothers are awesome in my shirt i think!

snaps from the show!

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hey friends –

lizeth (smile now cry later, lizeth santos photography, my awesome wife) is going to be posting the photobooth photos from the record release show at the tin can alehouse!  tomorrow she’ll be putting them up and i’ll have a link here for them…. here’s mine and i’m looking FINE

and here’s our ace lighting technicians erik and mikey t

cd release party was a trip to YES-VILLE~!!!!!

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SERIOUS FUN at the tin can alehouse last night!!!! thanks to all who came, it was AMAZING!!! totally made me full of appreciation for all kind peoples who came out, and all the great people who helped do it – cuckoo chaos, lion cut, smile now cry later, djwwdj, kelsey and paul from the tin can….

lizeth took a bunch of cool photos of you peoples and will be posting them today or tomorrow, check back and i’ll post a link!  there were some AWESOME animal masks that you all colored!!! whoa!

and if you’re not too zonked tired from last night’s amazing party – come to the Soda Bar today and catch a rare solo set from me and my 4 track… it’s for a haiti benefit (and pizza party), with rob crow, kenseth thibideau, and apes of wrath… (and of course me)  SHOW STARTS at 1:30, i think i play at 3:00?

and p.s. we are heading to nyc and wash DC next week, send your friends!

love rafter

things to expect :

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always surprises.  never a dull moment if you look hard enough.  aphorisms from your favorite red-head-non-super-non-hero.  i’m getting excited about various things, i’ll make a list.  ♥

  1. my album came out last tuesday, it’s getting mad love!  see this and this and this and this and finally this.  ha!
  2. we’re having a party on saturday to celebrate.  we’re going all out.  cake, masks, photos, rad bands, dance contests, special guests, you name it!
  3. i have my next  3 4 album projects mapped out and they’ll keep me a busy rafter and will cover the spectrum from the nearly unlistenable to the completely unavoidable to the completely over-explored to the completely complete?  ahh hell i dunno nevermind.    expect : peaceful sounds for relaxation, rugged blown out sounds for hallucinogenic fucks in brazillian gutters, illegal sound collage pop art, and a full on stab at mild megastardom.
  4. lizeth (SNCL) has a great cover of Selena’s Bidi Bidi Bom Bom up to celebrate Selena Day!  it’s hearable here-able.
  5. i will have cds of my new album AND of the remix album on saturday!  i’m so stoked on the remix/alternate version album…. it was a real palate cleanser.  you can only get it at my shows right now so YAH..
  6. going to nyc and wdc next week and if last week’s jaunt to the northwest was any indicator, we’re in for some dance party sweat ritual action.
  7. i’m playing a completely different show on sunday (the day after the cd release show) at the soda bar, for a really good cause (haiti benefit)!  this one will be me solo, doing a 20 minute set that i worked out with my heavily overloaded 4 track.



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