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Christina 1981 in an Apple ad? Whooooa crazy.

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from my “it’s reggae” album, wild that it landed in an iPhone ad!  that’s how i pay for my groceries, with my phone and my thumbprint like i’m living in the future.  btw — – — next album (2 actually) almost done!  good times!


Headin’ 2 SXSW!

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Vroom vroom driving to Texas! I’m playin 1 show, gonna be a jammer! Saturday the 19th, dean frederick studio @ the singing serpent party, 4pm. It’s on 5th across from the fader fort – 902 e 5th. Smile Now Cry Later jammin too, at 8!

Rafter – Quiet Storm OUT TODAY!

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click on the cover to hear or buy!  it’s pay as you wish! and very distorted!

i’m playing a record release party at the tin can alehouse 2night in san diego, come on down!


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a sneak peek of QUIET STORM!!!! here’s one of my favorite tracks from it…

it’s coming out tomorrow!

when nathan and i were touring around the us after “animal feelings” came out, we listened to a lot of black metal demo tapes in the car… it was really inspiring, extreme, blown out, ridiculous but heartfelt… i made this album, fed by those inspirations and a wave of existential freakout, human mind explosion. in my fantasy, it’s like darkthrone meets the kinks meets lee perry…

not dead, not dying, multiplyin’

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just really busy –

liz janes record just came out, i produced that one, it’s a jammer “say goodbye”

in the studio right now with jookabox working on “eyes of the fly” and it is also a jammer

working the magic hustle with my magic wife for SMILE NOW CRY LATER and it’s an ULTIMATE JAMMER

also still hustlin’ on my 7 albums, 2 or maybe 4 are DONE like D O N E and on their way to you if you even care,

cause who cares after all?  hah!  making one w/a cross universe collaboration with simon lord (simian, black ghosts, lord skywave) and that’s a fun jammer!  one is a black metal inspired noise-fest!  one is an ambient sprawl… one samples a LOT of paul mccartney songs.. i’m sleepy and well, about to take off for the holidays and be away from music for a week.

i’m number eighteen, ma!

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the straight truth or an approximation

i’m on a list of’s

it’s of 25 bands for you to pretend to know in 2011, that makes me have a special feeling

although i have BEEF with the world of reviewifiyers -= there is NO AUTOTUNE it is a TALKBOX

not like kanye or cher or brokencyde this is a TALKBOX like stevie wonder or roger troutman or peter frampton or etc

let’s get it straight mother funkers!  but thanks for the love.


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tonight at our favorite haunt, sharing the stage with THESE BAAAAD MAMMAJAMMAS

so honored, so excited!  come dance w/us!

buy tix cause this gonna sell OUT!

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