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what is up?

Posted in intimate moments with tags , , , , , on March 31, 2011 by rafterroberts

About to announce a new album, an inter-continental collaboration with a mystery guest… it’s nearly wrapped up, and i’m excited about it!

the behemoth pitchfork gave some love and kisses and disses to QUIET STORM but i’ll take it with a glad smile – ha! if they think this one is too distorted just wait…

got some shows coming up, april 21 + 23 , july 26… thinking and working about new ideas and songs..

starting doing yoga again after my gnarly ankle sprain…


Elvis was a hero to most

Posted in philosophizing with tags , , , , on April 28, 2010 by rafterroberts

so!  the almighty pitchfork took a whopping dump on my new album.  pretty marvelous…. it turtled me for a couple days, cause of that site’s undeniable role as gatekeeper/tastemaker.  i was hoping for them of course to love it and send me hurtling towards ginormous european festivals and etc.  ha!  that’ll teach you, puny rafter!

anyhow, i feel completely confident still about the quality of Animal Feelings, 100%, though i feel sad a bit that its direct and heartfelt nature and rebel spirit are not obvious to some notable peeps.  that said – – – – > there has been so much love and appreciation for the album i thought i’d share some of my favorite reviews with ya!  my whole heart and mind and being are in the art i make, and when people get that and dig it, it’s cool!  i’m doing this to share!  so thanks to everyone who’s written kind words about the album.



beyond race




stereo subversion

blue indian


pasa tempos

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