Shows n Tours

Boom – Friday April 6 w matt curreri and tourism!

April 12 at el dorado for a wham bam sezio party!!!



8 Responses to “Shows n Tours”

  1. hey!

    wow , great stuff you do.
    we like to interview and film your live show in Berlin soon.
    best f

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey Rafter,

    Congratulations on the new album. Please make a LA county stop soon!


    Elizabeth H.

  3. What’s up Rafter, remember me? You autographed my chest at Cellar Door. Thanks for that piece of art man, I almost had it tattooed on haha. Looking forward to seeing you back in Visalia in a couple months.

    Stay sexy,


    • rafterroberts Says:

      i will gladly draw dinosaurs on the chests of men any time of day. thanks joshua and i hope to see you soon again 🙂

  4. Hiya Raf, remember me? You whipped out a black Sharpie after yer show in Rancho Cucamonga (er, Fontana?) and drew a rad upside-down happy face in my bone zone! Yep, “starting from scrote,” you worked upwards, dotting my huevos as big ol’ eyes, said my looong “nose” needed no embellishment, and then … oh, wait, sorry: that was another red-headed avant-pop-funk-rock-plus quasi-genius. I think. “Yes, Goofin’ Around!”

  5. Hey Rafter are you playing this friday 1/28/11 at the Tin Can Ale House? I got a bunch of people ready to dance to your jams!

  6. nice….really stoked i have saturday off.

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