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Christina 1981 in an Apple ad? Whooooa crazy.

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from my “it’s reggae” album, wild that it landed in an iPhone ad!  that’s how i pay for my groceries, with my phone and my thumbprint like i’m living in the future.  btw — – — next album (2 actually) almost done!  good times!



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hi guise

finished it , it’s beautiful, you can hear it, order it, love it, hate it!  i think it’s great music for doing housecleaning or walks.


It’s Reggae!

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oh fellows, sorry i’ve been so not website-ing, there’s so much stuff goes on besides making POSTS.

new record is done and coming out in days – april 1 though it is NO JOKE, FULLY SINCERE

i am still fully engaged w/my music – next up will be one of several wild things – not sure, lots of home made synthesizers and 4 note chords going on, lots of enthusiasm for challenging situations and structures – i’m still so excited about all my albums and feel like i could revisit any aesthetic happily, exploring is a blast!

not dying, not dead

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hi internet buddies, i feel like i have very much ignored my responsibility to be telepathically observable, searchable, cached, u name it.  sorry! 🙂 doesn’t mean i haven’t been working hard to make good things to share with you.  in fact i’ve got a lot of goodies baking, percolating!  last thing i put out officially was the free Roberts and Lord EP of covers, and that’s still a great listen… i have a song on flexidisc coming out like TODAY on Joyful Noise’s subscription series of flexis, alongside such supermaestros as Deerhoof and Of Montreal!  i’m nearly done with an album of instrumental reggae music – i know that sounds funny but i think you’ll like it, i totally do!  i have about 6 hours of song fragments i’m sifting through for 1 album concept, 14 songs of totally fun but illegally sample music that is just waiting for some singing, 30 minutes of powerfully blown out noise rock waiting for some flute and singing and synthesizers….. anyways there’s a lot of goodies getting good.  don’t take my silence as inactivity, i think that’s probably one thing i’m preeeetty incapable of.  sending you mysterious strangers kind regards, rafter

p.s. my totally awesome hype-woman / bff / art director / wife / superheroine has JUST released her debut album as Smile Now Cry Later, and you should get it!!!!Image


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working up a cover of a beatles song, prince song, d’angelo song, more!

listening to test pressings of the next album, will announce it soon happily!

les mills bodypump

i have a trampoline now in my recording studio, it sounds great!

les mills bodypump

do you guys love youtube? it’s so cool!  i can’t believe it’s only been 5 or 6 years. it’s hard to imagine a world without it.  it’s a great time to be alive.

what kind of musics are you enjoying these days? what role does it play in your day to day life?  i mostly listen to music while i jog or in the car.  sometimes in the kitchen while i do dishes.  i like my pandora radio stations : reggae, black metal, new age ambient, prince.  it’s a delight.

last month we saw prince at the LA house of blues, morris day and the time at the indian casino, tuneyards in a tiny sd venue.  life is good!

what’s going on

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About to announce a new album, an inter-continental collaboration with a mystery guest… it’s nearly wrapped up, and i’m excited about it!

the behemoth pitchfork gave some love and kisses and disses to QUIET STORM but i’ll take it with a glad smile – ha! if they think this one is too distorted just wait…

got some shows coming up, april 21 + 23 , july 26… thinking and working about new ideas and songs..

starting doing yoga again after my gnarly ankle sprain…

thinking about conjoined twins.

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