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Rafter – Quiet Storm OUT TODAY!

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click on the cover to hear or buy!  it’s pay as you wish! and very distorted!

i’m playing a record release party at the tin can alehouse 2night in san diego, come on down!



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a sneak peek of QUIET STORM!!!! here’s one of my favorite tracks from it…

it’s coming out tomorrow!

when nathan and i were touring around the us after “animal feelings” came out, we listened to a lot of black metal demo tapes in the car… it was really inspiring, extreme, blown out, ridiculous but heartfelt… i made this album, fed by those inspirations and a wave of existential freakout, human mind explosion. in my fantasy, it’s like darkthrone meets the kinks meets lee perry…

this is really good! yello – bostich

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i’m slowly re-wiring my imagination towards the direction of making some musical videos

inspirations!  appropriations!  this is a great video!  26 years old.

d’angelo appreciation day october 22

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seriously let’s give him some love

if you don’t know his album voodoo RUN dont walk to the internet and pirate that shit immediately, then fall in love with it, then buy it.  for a billion dollars cause it is worth that.

i’m working on some new stuff and we talked about this record and it got me thinking and damnnnnn

it is classic

Grace Jones – Demolition Man

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holy YES


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holy guacamole

matt wells directed this and is my new dad


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my friends at peppermill records have invited me to play at their mountaintop festival in august!

i could not be more excited!  check it -=

3 days on top of a mountain in the alpines of british columbia! (august 13 – 15) with many musical acts!

swimming in a beautiful lake!

a freakin’ HELICOPTER will fly our instruments in!!!! aiiiii!!!!

an absolutely 1 of a kind set from yours truly 🙂

if you want to go, get tickets NOW!   this will honestly be a one of a kind experience and i’m SO very excited!!!!  i just listened to all of the musicians so far confirmed and i’m excited for the good company!!!

awesome villa!

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