working up a cover of a beatles song, prince song, d’angelo song, more!

listening to test pressings of the next album, will announce it soon happily!

les mills bodypump

i have a trampoline now in my recording studio, it sounds great!

les mills bodypump

do you guys love youtube? it’s so cool!  i can’t believe it’s only been 5 or 6 years. it’s hard to imagine a world without it.  it’s a great time to be alive.

what kind of musics are you enjoying these days? what role does it play in your day to day life?  i mostly listen to music while i jog or in the car.  sometimes in the kitchen while i do dishes.  i like my pandora radio stations : reggae, black metal, new age ambient, prince.  it’s a delight.

last month we saw prince at the LA house of blues, morris day and the time at the indian casino, tuneyards in a tiny sd venue.  life is good!


2 Responses to “THE FUTURE HOLDS SOME”

  1. Danny Zamarripa Says:

    Will this cover be a medley, or are we talking three separate songs? It would be an interesting challenge…

    I’m pretty fond of YouTube, I had to warm up to it though. I still hold Vimeo dearly in my heart, but YouTube just has more on it. Sometimes quantity does win out over quality.

    I’ve been listening to Son Lux’s latest, We Are Rising. He wrote, recorded, and produced it in the space of a month! Nuts. Also, Matt Friedberger’s Solos. It seems everyone is being hyper productive this year. Even The Flaming Lips are putting out music monthly! (sort of)

    I don’t listen to music while driving to work in the morning, I take time to think, but I do listen while I run. There is a live version of Try A Little Tenderness recorded in London where Otis tears the house down! It’s great for running.

    I saw Prince last month too! It was the first time I hung out with a new friend, quite the bonding experience.

    Rafter, if you were to bump into say Prince or David Byrne and happen to have your complete catalogue with you, which of your albums would you pass them and why that one?

    • rafterroberts Says:

      prince would get sweaty magic, cause i feel like it’s funky and adventurous and i think he might like it… david byrne would get animal feelings or sex death cassette, cause they’re living in the crossroads of art/pop/world musics like the best talking heads stuff…..
      god otis is amazing…. he is just such a soulful singer.. like mindblowing next next triple next level..
      it’s 3 separate songs – and maybe more… excited to share when the time is right!

      youtube is surely not as pleasurable as vimeo, sensually… for the most part… but it’s amazing to have such a wild and free repository of music and video and information… it’s just mindblowing to me that you can think of things and just see them, even if they’re amazingly rare etc… it wasn’t long ago that you’d be ordering 5th generation bootleg VHS tapes of ultra rare live stuff, and hoping that it’d make it to you… now just think of something, type it in, and you probably will get it. amazing, wonderful.

      i need to check out matt’s solo stuff. he’s wonderful! i followed ryan’s month long album while he made it, but haven’t listened to the whole thing yet…
      thanks danny! say hi to you for me!

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