and the winner is….

lordy lordy

my album aNIMAL fEELINGS just won the San Diego Music Award for “best alternative album”….

here i am with my lovely family accepting the award!

i am filled with feelings

is that a nail in my coffin as an outsider?  or the first step towards stardom?

also, i tried to jump on a running treadmill, and now my ribs hurt.

who is that lady at the bottom?  she is not paying attention to me.

my speech was long and boring.  ru said “thank you” and i said “peace out!”

but actually thanks to my lovely wife lizeth for inspiring my album! ❤

peace out!


2 Responses to “and the winner is….”

  1. congrats, Rafter! You earned it!

  2. Danny Zamarripa Says:

    Fuck yeah Rafter!

    By the way, I was at a dance party in Vancouver a few weeks ago and requested Fruit, they played the remix and it lit the floor on fire with good times and sexy grinds. Spreading the love!

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