Elvis was a hero to most

so!  the almighty pitchfork took a whopping dump on my new album.  pretty marvelous…. it turtled me for a couple days, cause of that site’s undeniable role as gatekeeper/tastemaker.  i was hoping for them of course to love it and send me hurtling towards ginormous european festivals and etc.  ha!  that’ll teach you, puny rafter!

anyhow, i feel completely confident still about the quality of Animal Feelings, 100%, though i feel sad a bit that its direct and heartfelt nature and rebel spirit are not obvious to some notable peeps.  that said – – – – > there has been so much love and appreciation for the album i thought i’d share some of my favorite reviews with ya!  my whole heart and mind and being are in the art i make, and when people get that and dig it, it’s cool!  i’m doing this to share!  so thanks to everyone who’s written kind words about the album.



beyond race




stereo subversion

blue indian


pasa tempos


5 Responses to “Elvis was a hero to most”

  1. I liked your album, even though I’m just a regular Guy. The rolling stones manager told them they were great but need to lose the lead Singer. People don’t always get it right.

  2. Hey dude – glad you liked my review on stereo subversion – I think it’s a great album, and that’s the highest score I’ve given out for a record to date. But yeah I feel you about getting on pitchforks good side.

    I just read the pitchfork review – tell me something – was it Auto Tune on “no Fucking around?” sounds like a talk box (or maybe vocoder) to me.

    • rafterroberts Says:

      Thanks Andy! And yes, you’d be absolutely right on the talkbox guess. No autotune going on there at all, good call. This ain’t no T-Pain, ain’t no Kanye – this is some Roger Troutman shit 🙂 super appreciation to you, thanks for stopping by!

  3. That p4k review was straight baffling to me, honestly. I mean, they can get obtuse, but they usually “get” stuff. Just seemed to miss the point IMO…. weeeeird.

    Thanks much for the reciprocal love and linksss!! 🙂

  4. Raf/Folks —

    Say, glad to see this discourse over what I agree was a “baffling” bad review on P’4k (my contribution below) — and Rafter finding a graceful way to move on while thanking people …

    I dashed off the observations below within 15 mins of reading said review on the morn it went up, 4-27. Upon looking, saw there was no letter-to-editor/user comments at P’4k to send a version of it to, so … posted it next day on Rafter’s MySpace page. Wanted to share — and poss’ly alleviate/ameliorate neg. impact, etc.

    (Sure, I’m a friend even bandmate of Rafter’s, and a fan — got stoked a good while ago when I first heard, then saw, him working the now rarely-employed talkbox set-up on a fab new unreleased jam called “No Fucking Around” — but, hmm, yes: I’m also a working music journalist.

    So, is it unprofessional/conflict of interest for me to now publicly decry a review attacking the art of a friend, etc.? Nope. In fact, rather than recusing myself from commentary, I think I’m actually being more responsible to the music journalism profession by conscientiously calling bullshit on a rec review that is substantially undermined by an error — a mistake that pretty much negates the main thrust of the reviewer’s take on artist/disc … Got some collective standards to uphold, y’know? [I also joked to another mutual friend that, really, Rafter’s kinda lucky. Most reviews rip an artist/work solely on subjective points — i.e., the reviewer has aesthetic “differences” w/ artist/work — and while you may disagree, neither of you nor reviewer is right or wrong, it’s all opinion. That P4k review of Raf’s AF, tho, ya can indeed hit back at — there is categorical wrongness therein that can be pointed out.])

    After reading you peoples commenting on this — and, that y’all indeed noted the review’s crucial flaw (“Auto-Tune” vs. talkbox) that I’d tee’d off on in my screed below — I decided to chk P4k just now, see if review was up as I’d read it Tues. or if said glaring error had been corrected.

    No correction … but I did see a “corrections” e-address there at P4k, so …
    Gonna send a suitably modified version of below over there, see what happens.

    And P4k’s credibility will be on line. If they do NOT fix the “Auto-Tune” inaccuracy after being apprised of s ame– well, gonna hafta decide what I/we still think of ’em. Even if I pro’ly still prefer the no-relation band Pitchfork more to the website (certainly for longer), I dig the e-zine, think it’s a fine resource, have defended it, etc. Guess we’ll see…
    [as posted on R’s MyS 4-27]

    Oy, is this the place? May I de-steam here about a .5-assed review of AF that I read early Tuesday morn? Opinions are fine – but lazy, incorrect journalism, I shan’t abide, nay, never. Now then, to scrupulously quote (but not attribute – no free press for bad press):

    *** ” …[Rafter’s] use of Auto-Tune on songs like “No Fucking Around” feels like an egghead’s experiment. Amongst handclaps and a repetitive cowbell, he tries to urge the song forward with a Timberlake-like whispered come-on of “take it the chorus.” But without blossoming into an actual memorable chorus, the words are just an impotent instruction. …” ***

    Say WHAT?

    1st, yes, many music journos wanna weigh in on the relatively recent “Auto-Tune” phenom, its widespread use, perceived trendiness, aesthetic validity, etc. – fine. But that sonic signature in “NFA” is a classic talkbox tone. One vocalizes thru/as one plays his/her guitar – a clearly distinguishable sound (i.e., don’t need to see how Raf rocks this in perf to know) and a part of rock/funk/etc. history from the 70s on – Peter Frampton, Jeff Beck, Roger “Zapp” Troutman, hello? Inexcusable reviewer muff-up.

    2nd, the alleged “handclaps and a repetitive cowbell” aren’t judiciously deployed until track has advanced, nice cum. building of rhythmic undertow thusly achieved – naught repetitive, if IMHO.

    3rd, “without blossoming into an actual memorable chorus” – seriously? The catchy phrasing/melody of talkbox’d chorus is among most memorable I’ve heard in last couple years. Again, unlike jaw-dropping factual “Auto-Tune” reviewer goof cited earlier, this is IMHO – but, seriously?


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