cd release party was a trip to YES-VILLE~!!!!!

SERIOUS FUN at the tin can alehouse last night!!!! thanks to all who came, it was AMAZING!!! totally made me full of appreciation for all kind peoples who came out, and all the great people who helped do it – cuckoo chaos, lion cut, smile now cry later, djwwdj, kelsey and paul from the tin can….

lizeth took a bunch of cool photos of you peoples and will be posting them today or tomorrow, check back and i’ll post a link!  there were some AWESOME animal masks that you all colored!!! whoa!

and if you’re not too zonked tired from last night’s amazing party – come to the Soda Bar today and catch a rare solo set from me and my 4 track… it’s for a haiti benefit (and pizza party), with rob crow, kenseth thibideau, and apes of wrath… (and of course me)  SHOW STARTS at 1:30, i think i play at 3:00?

and p.s. we are heading to nyc and wash DC next week, send your friends!

love rafter


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