Animal Feelings is coming!!!!

finally!  so excited to get it out to y’all people of the world!  of course because that’s the way the record makin’ borough works, i’m already nips deep in the next 3 albums, but that’s all good great!

APRIL 13 is the day, i hope you go out and buy like 20 copies cause it’ll make a great stocking stuffer come xmas.  kids LOVE animal feelings.   adults NEED animal feelings.   ahhhhhhhh…

this week i’m really trying to understand what “be a part of the solution” is in terms of music – i have a gut feeling that i’ve written about before, a feeling that all this Music/Art/Film/Etc is just adding to a great amount of white noise – creating an indistinct field, a hum, a buzz, like walking down 6th street in austin on saturday SXSW, too much too much too much.   too many people trying to express themselves(ourselves) to the rest of the world, just adding up into this great haze of output.  thinking about how to push back against that without actually just falling silent (the ultimate success / solution in art?) is what’s on my mind.  trying to craft a 20 minute vinyl side of peaceful meditation musics.  so far so good, but how do you gauge quality of anti-interesting anti-movement anti-development anti-active art?  all of my usual qualifiers are out the window and i feel like i’m a complete stranger to this music.  which is good, probably.

also, this is a great song


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