so much action : here it is


i was stressin’ .   i was thinkin it would be a wash.  diplo never tweeted me back.  i was like well… but then the universe provided.  friends came through.  splits were sent out and remixes came on back, and they were hot.  a remix album is done, and it’s just as $120 percent awesome as the source material.  maybe $125 percent.  i’ll be selling them at sxsw next week, and uploading it soon enough anyways.  here’s one song from it… by the indelible dominique leone… i’ll be remixing him right back soon enough… there’s a lot of great people twerking my songs on the album…. i’m honored and excited and can’t wait to get it out there…

here’s the cover, by my amazing lady lizeth santos!



has leaked “animal feelings”.  what can you do?  what would you want to do?  obviously i want it to sell, but the internet has its internetty ways.   so preorder it from and then download it illegally!


has been drummed, by the indestructed nathan hubbard and he’s nailing it to the ceiling.  really next levelling.  thumping away!  we’re going together to sxsw, europe, probably the rest of the united states too…


best shirt ever, on the way



playing  a lot!  schedule here!


2 Responses to “so much action : here it is”

  1. smilenowcrylaterband Says:

    awesome!! you are too cool!!

  2. I preorder a copy and then hunted down a leak.

    I would never steal from you, but I needed No Fucking Around ASAP to get me back into shape. This album is great for working out/ dancing your ass off.

    By the way, the album is fantastic. I love it so much so and will convince my friends to buy it.

    Also, are you doing a music video contest for this album as well?

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