more living, sxsw, ch ch ch ch ch changes

album‘s been in the can for a while

working / worked up a new set, tried it out, liked it

i was able to play it

my drummer man has moved to florida

i am working up a new set in a new way, cause i gotta, cause i gotta go to sxsw

i was able to play it

i already have the next (post animal-feelings) album mostly done.  it will be coming out on a new record label that my friend chris does.  i’m excited about it. i think it should be out in july or something?

i have been making remixes of the animal feelings songs, they’re fun to do and i like them and hope you will too.  and some talented friends are throwing in as well?  they’ll be here when they can be here.  maybe i’ll add one to this post.  There, i did it.  the link will probably die at some point, oh well!

life is so weird.  it makes no sense.  if you’ve made sense of it please drop a line and give me a hint.  i’m stumped.

i was thinking today and talking to my friend glen about music and stereo imaging and i realized how bored i am with the way music hits me/us – 2 speakers, or 2 earbuds or whatever.  i want to live in a world, a music world, where sound is coming from everywhere – just like the natural world.  it would be so superb.  maybe that’s why live music can be so sensually gratifying.  like right now i hear my computer fan and fingers typing, my wife tapping on her keyboard over at her desk, my dog snurfling his junk at the bottom of the stairs, occasional cars, her voice, my saliva in my mouth, the dryer working on drying the dog bed…  if i could hear music in such a layered, dimensional way, it’d be really nice.  trying to mix and record music so that it has that depth is a real challenge, especially when you’re as drawn to distorted, saturated, exaggerated sounds as i am.  not sure how to reconcile my 2 inclinations that way, time will tell, right?

i think that’s all for now.


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