a new year and two thoughts

alright, it’s upon us

we danced (the wife + i) thru the midnight.  we slept in and made a late lunch.  we brought our laptops to the kitchen table.   my record is canned, in the can, hers is in the works, and 2010 is going to be a year of meditation music and jump rope.

meditation music : the modern world is white noised to hell.  we’re assaulted (and we ask for it) by too much information – too much music, noise, change, people, choices, EVERYTHING!  my blog and albums only contribute to this overwhelming noise.  so – 2010 means becoming part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.  i will make soothing music for creating slow moments in life.  done deal.  also maybe i will make really abrasive music for fucking, dancing, and demolition derbies.  but mostly i want to make meditation jams.

jump rope : i am married – that brought with it a cunado (with a ~ over the n), who is a brother in law named erik, and he got me a jump rope for xmas.  now, i think that’s great, because it’s small, light, and easy to use for getting exercise!  i can take it to work, to the studio, on tour, or to the sidewalk, and work up a good sweat!  working up a good sweat is so great.  i hereby command you dear reader to get some damn exercise.

all my love, friends!


2 Responses to “a new year and two thoughts”

  1. seriously so cute! get to jumpin!

  2. […] album projects mapped out”. So look for more of Rafter’s pop wizardry — and maybe some “meditation music” — very […]

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