1gle Laydie colown


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  1. Danny Zamarripa Says:

    Hello Rafter,

    It was surprisingly difficult to find any sort of means to contact you in my surge of appreciation and desire to write you a fan email. But I think the time it took my to find this place in order to leave a comment, which I can only hope will find it’s way into your eyes, down the back of your throat, and into your heart to warm it’s little ventricles and valves and chambers and such, the time it has taken me to find this place has, I believe, allowed me to cool down just a bit and compose myself properly.

    All that aside, I’m writing you to let you know how much I truly enjoy and love your work. Not just your music, because I could go on for quite some time fan-boying about that, but interviews I’ve seen and read, the creative tug you bring with music video competitions, live shows I’ve either been to or heard recordings of, it’s all good.

    You seem to understand the fundamental importance of kindness; and that one of the greatest works, of art or otherwise, is the self, and that the self is only worth sharing if you’re gonna be nice about it.

    I have very little tolerance for artists who are rude or full of themselves, though I admit, I am a fan of Prince, who seems like he would probably be a rather rude person, but I cannot attest to this personally. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate and value your work and your character as a symbiotic package, each enhanced by the other.

    With love and respect,

    P.S. – Why don’tcha make it a little easier for us fans to contact you? A simple email address on your Asthmatic Kitty page would work wonders.

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