full disclosure truth in advertising truth in advertising

Michael: do you have any profound thoughts on joookabox record
i need some words
Sent at 4:45 PM on Tuesday
me: hmmm
for press stuff?
Michael: yeah
and distro
sounds like
selling points
me: hmmmmmmmmm
Michael: im sort of stuck
me: zombie is a good word
sounds like beck, radiohead, coldplay
it’s a psychedelic party record
Sent at 4:50 PM on Tuesday
me: a drug-addled baptist shouter at a college party with a tight backing band
Michael: yes
me: it’s a trip into cracks in the earth that opened up from a soul volcano earthquake – yellow/red molten lava rising up to greet you
and melt your brain
Michael: you should write our onesheets
Sent at 4:52 PM on Tuesday
me: brain melting food scramble featuring zebra bacon
brain melting is a good word
for it
it feels brain melting
Michael: haha
head cramming
like teeth through the skull
your brain melting out
as form of euphoria
me: it’s good news delivered in an unpleasant way
Michael: or bad news delivered in a good way
me: can’t stop dancing is the disease
Michael: you are nailing it
me: awesome
Michael: im just going to reprint this chat
me: haha
jam it
Michael: or
you should reprint on your blog!
me: it’s one night of hard dreaming (somehow brain-recorded/imprinted) after a week of sex, drugs, strange food and dancing every night to louisiana amateur funk noise jams
then falling asleep under the stage at a revivalist faith-healing tent
and dreaming this record
Michael: casting out demons
me: while the sick and strange are getting hands layed on right over ya
Michael: dancing with the casted out demons
me: yah
Michael: i told lowell that hhc is to God as Moose is to the devil
me: haha
Michael: but moose is at war
me: yah
Michael: like
maybe moose is in the trenches
and hhc is the medic
me: hehe
that’s hilarious and perfect
i see a photo-=shoot
in esquire mag
shot by leibovitz
Michael: hahah
me: it’s like the soundtrack to the party that the cast out demons throw before they gotta head out back to demonville
Michael: ?
me: last night on earth
feels like that vibe
last night on earth record
Sent at 4:59 PM on Tuesday
Michael: yeah
has anyone ever used that word before?
i so hope not
because it is awesome
and i want credit
me: pretty sure
mel gibson made that musical, right?
Michael: no

Michael is busy. You may be interrupting.


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