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silence is the new noise

Posted in intimate moments with tags , , , , , , on August 31, 2010 by rafterroberts

what seems like total silence is the sound of plotting, seriously there are 7 albums now in the works in my brain, i’ll get the details all spunged out here in time but i just wanted to say that

1 i am not dead


3 i am rebelling and repelling

4 my to do list is a motherfather of a to do list but its days are NUMBEREd, i hope its listening


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holy guacamole

matt wells directed this and is my new dad

Rafter “Fruit” music video by Dax Norman

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YES! the awesome DAX NORMAN strikes again!!!!!!!!

Rafter “Fruit” music video by Dax Norman


Posted in choice jams with tags , , , , , on June 11, 2010 by rafterroberts

my friends at peppermill records have invited me to play at their mountaintop festival in august!

i could not be more excited!  check it -=

3 days on top of a mountain in the alpines of british columbia! (august 13 – 15) with many musical acts!

swimming in a beautiful lake!

a freakin’ HELICOPTER will fly our instruments in!!!! aiiiii!!!!

an absolutely 1 of a kind set from yours truly :)

if you want to go, get tickets NOW!   this will honestly be a one of a kind experience and i’m SO very excited!!!!  i just listened to all of the musicians so far confirmed and i’m excited for the good company!!!

awesome villa!

sharing this, with you

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yo yo yo rafter here

this is a mix i made to play at a dive bar in atlanta georgia

i made it in the car while we drove

but dont let that discourage.

i think there’s some

blondie (giorgio moroder mix)

black moth super rainbow


joe gibbs i think?

hercules + love affair

hunters & collectors

new fast automatic daffodils

+ something else..

overall it’s a 10 out of 10 mix, pretty chill and enjoyable and eclectic.  that’s why i’ve titled it this genius name -> “eclectic mix”

remix album is out TODAY in a digital style!

Posted in choice jams, intimate moments with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on May 18, 2010 by rafterroberts

and you can get it here! after the album was finished up, i had rebel power and soul momentum (not to mention talented friends) and it steamrolled me into having this super-rad album of remixes and alternate versions!   it’s got fantastic jams from friends and me too!   i’m super proud of this and hope you enjoy!  oh, also – there’s a link to check out baths’ sweet n slow remix of fruit here as well…

1 rafter – fruit

2 lion cut – animal feelings

3 rafter – no fucking around

4 rafter – never gonna die

5 dominique leone – beauty beauty (heartsperumix)

6 epstein y el conjunto (feat matt crum) – timeless form, formless time

7 jamuel saxon – no fucking around (ninjas w/attitude mix)

8 taj easton – paper

9 rafter – feels good (feat addiquit)

10 rafter – only you

11 lesser – fruit

12 baths – fruit

p.s. come on out to the show this thursday 5/20 @ tin can alehouse in SD, and hear us work out our new LION CUT remix styled version of “animal feelings”!  plus 2 more new songs!  wa-hoooo.

Elvis was a hero to most

Posted in philosophizing with tags , , , , on April 28, 2010 by rafterroberts

so!  the almighty pitchfork took a whopping dump on my new album.  pretty marvelous…. it turtled me for a couple days, cause of that site’s undeniable role as gatekeeper/tastemaker.  i was hoping for them of course to love it and send me hurtling towards ginormous european festivals and etc.  ha!  that’ll teach you, puny rafter!

anyhow, i feel completely confident still about the quality of Animal Feelings, 100%, though i feel sad a bit that its direct and heartfelt nature and rebel spirit are not obvious to some notable peeps.  that said – – – – > there has been so much love and appreciation for the album i thought i’d share some of my favorite reviews with ya!  my whole heart and mind and being are in the art i make, and when people get that and dig it, it’s cool!  i’m doing this to share!  so thanks to everyone who’s written kind words about the album.



beyond race




stereo subversion

blue indian


pasa tempos


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